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Hot Cocoa Ornament Gift!

Recently my daughter and I decided to make some hot cocoa ornaments as simple, sweet, Christmas gifts for her little friends.

This was inspired by some super cute candy cane peppermints that we found at our favorite local mercantile. Why are things so much more fun when they're mini?

We paired them with a layer of hot cocoa mix, mini chocolate chips, dehydrated marshmallows, all in a washed, plastic, ornament. This turned into an easy, fun, afternoon project. Tomorrow we plan on decorating and adding a cute gift tag to make it more personalized.

Helpful tips:

I washed the ornaments (50% off at Hobby lobby!) earlier in the morning so they had plenty of time to dry before our activity. I also used our small spice container funnel in hopes to help cut down on the mess.

Personally, we used approximately 1.5-2 Tbs of Hot Cocoa mix per ornament, since the gift was orientated for her younger friends. The rest of the treats we didn’t measure and just eyeballed the layers to what we felt looked good. Some of us (my toddler) were more generous in their position size…..sorry moms.

*Pro tip: Add a dab of hot glue on the side of the lid if you have toddlers who get super excited and like to open/spill it as soon as possible…ask me how I know :)

Did you try this activity? Feel free to tag Valley Play Museum on social media and let us know!


Supplies Needed:

-hot cocoa mix

-dehydrated mini marshmallows

-plastic ornaments (we used 2.65 inch ones)

-mini chocolate chips

-some form of crushed peppermint (we used mini candy cane ones)

optional: sprinkles to add more fun colors

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