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Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Welcome to the VPM Blog: Written for Kids and Their Families!

"Play is our brain's favorite way of learning" - Diane Ackerman

Valley Play Museum is (or is in the works of being) an interactive, hands-on space for children that stimulates curiosity and engages the whole family in learning through play. We value the beauty found in community connection, learning, nature, science and art.

Our vision is to foster imagination and nurture lifelong learning through the power and joy of interactive play. We strive to create a dynamic environment where children can explore, create, and connect with the world around them. Through hands-on exhibits, engaging programs, and collaborative experiences, we aim to inspire a generation of confident, creative, and empathetic individuals who will shape a brighter future.

And this Blog is all about that: Playing and Learning! If you are looking for fun crafts, kid friendly recipes, and amazing science projects to do at home, we hope to make your life a little easier by providing just that right here. Preferably without all the fluff of others blogs with too many words!

Here is what you might see in the posts to come:

Little Chefs

Want to get kids involved in the kitchen or know littles who love to help cook? Try some fun, tasty recipes from dinner, to snacks, and holiday favorites.

Crafty Kids

Let's face it, kids love being crafty (and sometimes a little shifty)! Get your creative juices flowing with fun, simple projects easy to do at home.

Science Sundays

We heard and listened to our surveys in our community: Science matters to many caretakers out there. And sometimes we don't always know how to make science and math fun for kids.

We have some great ideas for you that will not only help kids learn about our amazing world, but will also help them find joy in being curious, inquisitive, and thoughtful.

World Wonders

There is so much to learn about this incredible planet and the people who live on it. Join us as we travel the globe to learn about different cultures, foods, and festivals to take us beyond just the small town we live in.

And more!

From our non-profit board to you, we have some incredible educators thrilled to post content that not only is fun, but will help you bond with the littles in your life. We may even sneak in some posts about tips and parenting, because learning is fun and important (even for us adults).

What do you hope to see on our blog? Comment below about what you most hope we post about and Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to get free printables and find out our progress on opening VPM.

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